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Thread: Potential proof of MWI

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    This experiment is based on one version of MWI that worlds dissentangeling takes time(which is decoherence). Decoherence time can be increased if particles are placed in a vaccuum. This experiment imagines a particle in a vaccuum chamber, and the spin of the particle will be measured(either up or down). If it is measured up, a buzzer will go off. If down spin is detected it wont go off. However because the worlds are not seperated(because decoherence has not happened), this means that the spin up could also trigger the detector and the buzzer in this scenario, even when it is spin down. This could therefore potentially substantiate the existence of parallel worlds in quantum mechanics, because the spin up from the other universe is triggering the detector in this universe. Does this work in principle?

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    I don't think so. From the perspective of the observer, the many worlds interpretation and the Copenhagen interpretation are indistinguishable. This and that they are mathematically identical means that no experiment can "prove" the many worlds interpretation. Support for the many worlds interpretation over other ontological interpretations (which excludes the Copenhagen interpretation as this is a descriptive interpretation) is that it provides a genuine explanation of the intrinsic randomness of quantum mechanics.

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