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Thread: Increase Ce3+ in cerium oxide solution

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    Dear all,

    I'm finding method to increase Ce3+ in cerium oxide solution
    One of the option is use UV light to create free electron to reduce Ce4+ to Ce3+
    However, it's hard to active electron in valance band of Cerium because the penetration depth of UV is short
    Thus, I'm considering to add another photocatalyst into cerium oxide solution. By that action, the electron in valance band of that photocatalyst becomes free under UV energy and that electron will reduce Ce4+ to Ce3+.

    Does anyone has experience about this? or other method to increase Ce3+, please help.

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    Have you thought about a chemical method? You could use a mild reducing agent like Fe 2+. Look up the redox potentials to see which reducing agents are feasible.

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    Thanks, I tried but it didn't work
    Does anyone has experience in using another photocatalyst to increase Ce3+ or increase Ce3+ by UV light
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