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Thread: to get a job abroad at biophysics

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    hi, if we hold MSc degree, can we work at biophysics abroad at PhD level? (What are the job opportunitys?) and what are the criteria? (is PhD degree required? or being at PhD program is of?)

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    A few notes

    If you get a master in country A, it doesn't magically become a PhD in country B.

    Usually the level required for a job is highly debatable. Sometimes they say Master, but they take a PhD, because they can. And if they say PhD, they could also take a bachelor if they want, and one seems good enough for them.

    Some companies see a PhD as a minimum bar one must jump to have access to it. But not all companies do this.

    But, you will most likely earn less at master entry level salary, than you earn at a PhD entry level salary.

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    Imagine, being able to create matter out of thin air, and not coming up with using drones for boarding hostile ships. Or using drones to defend your own ship. Heck, using drones to block energy attacks, counterattack or for surveillance. Unless, of course, they are nano-machines in your blood, which is a billion times more complex..
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