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Thread: Tidal Locking Dynamics of the Earth & Moon System

  1. #1 Tidal Locking Dynamics of the Earth & Moon System 
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    It is observed that the same side of the moon always faces the earth.

    Suppose I run computer simulations of orbiting bodies with the same orbital parameters and mass-distributions as the earth-moon system, and 2 of these simulations have altered orbital parameters called A and B.

    Both A and B simulations are altered such that the moon spins on its axis more quickly by a factor of 1.01, instead of being tidally locked. In other words moons A & B have greater angular velocity.

    In simulation A the mass of the moon is decreased by a factor of 0.9 but the mass distribution remains unchanged. In simulation B the mass and mass distribution remain unchanged.

    Will orbital dynamics lead lower mass moon A or original mass moon B to win the race to become tidally locked (causing the same side of the moon to again permanently face the earth)?

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    As per this wikipedia:, Given that all other factors remain unchanged, the lower mass moon would win the race.

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