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Thread: Grand Unification Equation within the Standard Model

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    Ever since the electroweak unification was achieved and subsequently proven, theoretical particle physicists were working on uniting the strong nuclear force as well in what is commonly known as Grand Unification. Instead of coming up with a new Grand Unification Theory I came up with a solution to unite the fundamental coupling constants within the Standard Model of particle physics.

    I began with a desire to remove the Landau Pole from the running of the fine structure constant and accidentally discovered an equation that unites it, the fine structure constant aka the QED coupling constant, and the strong nuclear coupling constant. Effectively I borrowed the asymptotic freedom from QCD and borrowed it to QED.

    The problem here is of course that QCD is an SU(3) non-abelian theory and QED is an U(1) theory. Fortunately the Standard model is made of SU(3) X SU(2) X U(1) and I involved parts of both the electroweak SU(2) X U(1) and the strong SU(3) interactions by effectively connecting the most fundamental parameters from these interactions such as the Higgs vacuum expectation value and the QCD integration constant after which I applied beta expansion instead of working directly with beta functions which improved the measuring for the running of the strong coupling constant on a Q scale.

    After which I united the running of the fine structure constant on a Q scale to the running of the strong coupling constant on a Q scale. All my results are in great agreement with the experimental values and the yet untested prediction of the Standard Model. Additionally I made a new predition that would be easy to test hence proving (or disproving) my method for Grand Unification of gauge coupling parameters.

    I'll send any interested parties a link to my draf on academia (it's on hold on arxiv so it's unsure when it'll be up) and tell me what you think.

    Best Regards, Nikola.

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    Iím working off the assumption that you are doing genuine work in the area, which is great to see. Nonetheless, the thing is that most members of this forum are just interested laypeople, so it is unlikely that anyone here has the required expertise to understand what it is you are doing.

    Have you tried PhysicsForums ?

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