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Thread: How Did This Guy Make a Soccer Ball Wobble On the Ground?

  1. #1 How Did This Guy Make a Soccer Ball Wobble On the Ground? 
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    Hello, Hello,

    I found this youtube video that I have been trying to figure out how they did for a while. Being the good men of science that you guys are, I figured you might be able to explain how he did this.
    For some reason the forum won't let me ad a link. Here is the name of the youtube video: IMPOSSIBLE Ground Knuckleball | How Is This Possible?!

    I tried:
    Filling the ball with water(which worked at slower speeds)
    Over inflating the ball to make it lop sided(which failed)
    Inflating it with soda to see if the co2 emisions would make it more lop sided.

    I want to try:
    putting a nob on the side of the ball
    installing a weight on one side of the ball.
    anything else you guys might have in mind.


    Jordan Rodgers

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    Here, I'll link it for you. The forum requires you to have a certain number of posts before you can post links as a spam prevention measure.

    Too bad the uploader didn't keep their word. They said if they got 70k likes, they would post the secret. It's got 86k likes and still no answer.

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    How to Knuckle a Soccer Ball: 12 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
    Never heard the term in my life until now, but Googling "ground knuckleball" took me 3 seconds.
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