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Thread: Magnetically charged Singularities?

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    I was thinking about doctor who one day (I am whovian) and I was thinking about how one might harvest black holes for energy. My first thoughts were through hawking radiation but a more pressing concern arose about this being that the black hole would need to be stabilized so nothing would get sucked in so I thought of electromagnetism. I continued thinking about the topic realizing that black holes form from stars and that stars are extremely hot and therefore plasma (ionized) meaning that black holes would almost definitely be magnetically charged to some degree.

    My specific question is this: Is there any reason a black hole couldn't necessarily be charged and could hawking radiation be harvested for energy?

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    Read some of Charles Sheffield's McAndrew or Behrooz Wolf science fiction.
    Many of those stories revolve around the use of black holes as a power source (and, since Sheffield also happens to be a physicist/ mathematician (double first) it's as accurate as he could make it).

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    Quote Originally Posted by AgentSCI View Post
    Is there any reason a black hole couldn't necessarily be charged
    Yes, black holes can in theory carry net electric charge - such black holes are called Reissner-Nordstroem ( when not rotating ) or Kerr-Newman ( when rotating ) black holes.

    could hawking radiation be harvested for energy?
    No. Hawking radiation is associated with the presence of a past horizon, and much like Unruh radiation it is a modification of an observer's vacuum ground state as compared to a stationary Minkowski observer somewhere far away from sources of gravity. You cannot extract energy from the ground state of a system for the purpose of locally performing work with it.
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    So, what would happen if we fed enough ions to a black whole such that the charge force were to equal the gravitational force (noting that gravity is not really a force)?
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