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Thread: Could Photons Be Used to Build Something?

  1. #1 Could Photons Be Used to Build Something? 
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    I was checking this story out. Scientists claim to have discovered a new form of matter, a light molecule. First off, is this claim bunk? Is it even a possibility? If so, then is it really matter made strictly of photons? They say they're just having a little fun making these molecules so I don't know whether to take them seriously. They also say they don't have a use for them yet. Can the experts please enlighten me?

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    Yeah, its a bunk. They were not creating "molecules" of light just told that to journalists to seem more interesting. Photon can "interact" with one another only through matter albeit very weakly. This leads to nonlinear optical phenomena (harmonics generation, wavemixing, phase mirrors etc.). There is only one way you could build someting from light and it is purely theoretical construct, nothing like it will ever be possible for number of reasons. You could theoreticaly have "black hole" created by light orbiting around center of gravity. Light geodesics would be closed by sheer "mass" of orbiting light. It has been shown however that this is not stable construction.

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    Sorry to here that Gere.
    I always thought it would be cool to live in a lighthouse.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dan hunter View Post
    Sorry to here that Gere.
    I always thought it would be cool to live in a lighthouse.
    I was near shore it would work.
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