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Thread: Friedmann cosmology for the layman reader

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    Hi Marcus, when it best suits you , could you start your tutorial from here

    From Marcus's GR primer:

    can be calculated ..

    Is it possible to explain how k is calculated, what are its units, and what does it mean that

    namely, curvature G is 2*10^-48/43 times the energy tensor T?

    Can you also explain how an why , assuming the Cosmological principle, the equation becomes:

    and how that becomes :

    and most of all:

    what is the relation between the curvature of spacetime G, ds^2 and Hubble parameter H^2 ?

    Matter/energy curves spacetime, how does this determine the expansion of space H?
    What is the relation between curvature of spacetime and radius of curvature of U and radius of the U, is it the same thing?

    The best way to make a student understand is to consider current parameters:
    H0 = 2.2*10 ^-18, M 10^56g , R 46.6 Gly, M/V density= 4*10^-31, critical density 10^-29 g/cm^3, rho_c/rho= 0.04

    and show how it works in concrete, do you start with Mass, detrmine rho and this tells you the curvature of spacetime, the radius of the U , the expansion rate and the age of U?

    Since the content of matter does not change, whereas the volume is always increasing, density is rapidly decreasing, should the curvature decrease?

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