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    In the last few days I have produced 6 learning videos about car crash. In this video I explain the basic laws with really new pictures. In this videos I speak German but I have added callouts in English. Now I have two questions to people who are not German speaking and are interessed in physics didactics:

    1. Can you follow my explanations without understanding the spoken word?
    2. Are the explanations understandable, comprehensible and reasonible?


    1. momentum and energy:
    2. force:
    3. velocity and distance:
    4. acceleration and velocity:
    5. power and accompangying energy flow:
    6. power, energy and work:

    I'm really interested in your answer, because this Ideas are new and because I want to bring them to nongermanspeaking people. The production of English-language videos is not easy for me.

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