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    Capture wind, not oil.
    You may post this sonnet, since it might help stop a war, by fools, over oil, which has cost more than hundreds of these perpetual windmills across America.

    New Physics Theory I: The Earth's Rotation is one example of the power of perpetual wind and motion, since all longitudinal mountain ranges are "air foils". All Winds are caused by either temperature changes created by rotations of the Earth and various angles of exposure to the Sun, or by vacuums created by the high speed air foils or mountains; so, most winds move East and rush-in to fill the vacuums caused by the 1000 mph. rotation.

    New Physics Theory II: If a few pounds of wind pressure can be amplified with sails, leverage or torque, to generate megawatts of electricity; then, any motion or horsepower from a large electric motor can also be amplified to generate megawatts of electricity with motion, torque or leverage. Therefore, energy can be created with motion and leverage, contrary to "The Conservation of Energy Theory", like any man on any bicycle, since more weight can be moved farther and faster with the same amount or less energy.

    Windmill Carousels
    to Senator Feinstein

    The weight of my windmill merry-go-round,
    Testing cone shaped sails with laptop plotters,
    Will rotate on skids or on rails, aground,
    And conserve crude oil and sky blue waters.
    The torque at the hub of my acre wheel,
    Or the captured force of a trade wind breeze,
    Could entertain kids, or let's make a deal,
    And turn ten megawatt turbines with ease!
    The national grid, since the winds are free,
    Could wheel high voltage from any station,
    And should be willing, if natives agree,
    To share all profit with any nation.
    Capturing more wind will reduce pollution,
    And spark our fossil fuel revolution.

    James H. Armistead, inventor
    Copyright ©2007 J. Herbert Armistead
    See: "Windmill Carousels" @, which may now be removed,
    and "The Oil Pirates".
    3814 West Land Park Dr. Sacramento, CA. 95822
    (No phone, at present)

    Notes: A 200 ft. diameter wind wheel would fit on a square acre of land. A 290 ft. diameter wheel would require two square acres of land. Larger Windmill Carousels are possible, since they can be supported in several places with railroad flat cars, skies, pontoons, etc.; and, railroad cars could be replaced, easily, if they develop bearing or wheel problems. Plus, the same train supported frame, with a Diesel locomotive added, could be used to generate constant power during any National Emergency or windless conditions. Any small town could develop their own Power Plant, across America, and defeat the International Power Conspiracy, which was a secret goal of the Neo-Nazi Party under General Otto Remer, Hitler's replacement.

    And, one of the above could be built at the next World's Fair in Spain, like the "Space Needle" in Seattle, or at any Disney Land to reduce the cost of electricity. The sails could be metallic, wedge-shaped or nautilus-type compartments and "fly" like any Boeing 707 to reduce friction.

    Reference: Boeing Corp. attempted to develop a "Giant Propeller" on the Columbia River near Bonneville Dam, which failed after about 30 minutes due to too much weight on the bearings. But, will they try my design or construct a vertical axis model on railroad axle bearings at the same location, since I submitted the above as my resume?

    Turning the existing Boeing propeller on a vertical axis, supported at the tips, might salvage all existing experimental equipment that was abandoned near Bonneville Dam three or four years ago, due to lack of Republican funding. And, just add normal, light weight sails!

    Added: If the spokes of the carousel wind wheel were supported on railroad flat cars (25 tons per axle or 300 tons per special flat car), then any small diesel "mule" locomotive could rotate the windmill, if the wind stops, to provide constant power at a lower cost than most diesel generators. Even a small diesel truck or a motorcycle could turn my new, high torque, wind wheels, if the wind ceases. A 300 ft. diameter track would require about 40 degree railroad track curves.

    Capture Wind, Not Oil
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