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    I have a question about how light exists.

    We consider light speed the universal speed limit, and we also state that matter cannot achieve light speed with an object, only 99.999% (repeating).

    In that case, how is this possible with a particle with any recognizable mass? Photons have some level of mass, from what I'm aware of, and are able to affect objects, excite the inner pieces of our eyes, among other things. So, with that, am I just misunderstanding how light itself works, or is light itself not really going, "Light" speed?

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    Light does not have mass (although it does have energy and momentum associated with that energy).

    Any particle with no mass, such as a photon, always travels at light speed. Any particle with mass, such as an electron or proton, always travels at less than light speed.

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    Okay, thank you for the explanation :3 Misunderstanding of a low-level science geek of a medium level television show! Thanks again
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