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Thread: the eyes and high energy particles.

  1. #1 the eyes and high energy particles. 
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    Im not too sure where to put this thread :/

    Anyway, astronaughts in space when they try to sleep, they close their eyes and they may see really bright flashes if light with thier eyes closed. This is due to no protective atmosphere and high speed particles hitting their eyes.

    My question is; how would i be able to recreate this effect myself here on earth ?

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    I've heard putting your head on the target plate of a particle accelerator gives the same impression.

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    Leo: please be very careful about this sort of thing. Make sure you really understand things properly before you conduct any "experiments" that might jeopardise your sight, or your life.
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    Yes I agree - People seem to know that Gas, Chemicals and explosives are dangerous, Electricity can outdo them all - An old chum of mine used to say to the new guys, "You cannot see it hear it or smell it, but you can shake hands with it... once...'" - DRop the Bill bryson book if you have a serious interest in physics do an A-level in maths at night school and buy a good physics book.

    Try this one: the revues so far from people in the forum are good it's free.
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