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    I am wondering what is conformal symmetry group good for? As far as I know (ie. wikipedia) system at critical point exhibit conformal invariance but is this a mere coincidence or is it somehow used in calculations? It is said that standard field theories (qed, qcd, gsw-sm) are conformally invariant but is there any use of such symmetry? I mean say Lorentz group is useful because you see existence of spin from itīs representations. But what consequences does this symmetry group has? Also when or how is it possible for field theory to NOT be scale invariant? Or is it not? Just wondering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gere View Post
    Also when or how is it possible for field theory to NOT be scale invariant?
    General relativity is scale covariant but not conformally covariant.

    The Weyl conformal tensor is conformally covariant, but the Ricci tensor and any tensors derived from it are not.

    There are no paradoxes in relativity, just people's misunderstandings of it.
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