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Thread: Moisture content is a (?) variable

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    Different materials respond differently to water content. For example, you can't compare sawdust at 20% moisture to sand at 20% moisture.

    Is there an adjective to describe this sort of variable?

    Temperature, on the other hand is an example of a variable that is independent of the material. What is the name of this type of variable?

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    For the specific example you give when we are talking about chemical components that take up different amounts of water (or have a different wt% of water at a given water activity) the parameter that we use is hygroscopicity and we measure or calculate the amount of water present in a sample at a given water activity or calculate the water activity at a given water mass fraction based on thermodynamic models.

    More generally your query as far as I can make out at first glance seems to be about the difference between intensive and extensive properties. Intensive and extensive properties - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    EDIT: Actually re-reading your post you are talking about a variable that changes from substance to substance not from sample to sample of the same substance so this may not be what you are looking for, apologies if this is the case.

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    Thanks for your suggestion. It doesn't quite fit what I need to convey.

    The closest I can come so far is non-prognostic variable. So moisture content alone does not predict material behaviour in the absence of further information about the material.
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