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Thread: Working of dry cell battery!!

  1. #1 Working of dry cell battery!! 
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    please help me out in this query!!

    actually i need to know why when we use a battery or dry cell,

    As we know it consists of :- 1)electrolyte

    2)cathode and anode.

    but i need to know as electrolyte is consisting of a salt (we take it as NaCl salt for it )

    and the ions is formed from the salt due to potential we make on both ends of the battery,

    but why it cant happen as if the ions can directly form without connecting the battery into a wire ,

    because the two terminals consists of positive and negative ions which can directly put force on NaCl compound and can break it ,but why their is a need to create a potential by attaching the battery with a wire externally?

    In other words:-
    Why molten salt as an electrolyte cant ionise normally in a cell without connecting the cell with a wire outside?

    regards :-

    Harjot singh

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