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Thread: Selection for masters degree course.. Physics or engineering?

  1. #1 Selection for masters degree course.. Physics or engineering? 
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    I'm a mechanical engineer. I love physics and I also wanted to be a physicist. I am confused on what to take on my masters degree, physics or engineering? I want to focus on energy production and I've chosen MS Energy Engineering. Do you think I can still contribute on physics even though I'm an engineer and just study physics myself? or I should pursue the MS Physics course even though it would take a long time? If you have any suggestions and other commentaries, I am happy to read it.. thank you.. I wish all of you could help me..

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    It depends on what you want to do and where you want to do it. To get an academic placing in physics you still need to do a PHd, than a post doc at a reputable university and and and (and have a lot of luck).

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