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Thread: Electromagnetic wave form/fr & EM tranmitter questions

  1. #1 Electromagnetic wave form/fr & EM tranmitter questions 
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    Hi everyone!

    I was researching on EM waves and it got me wondering:

    In a device that would transmit electromagnetic waves..which component[s] determine
    O length of the wave;
    O strength of the wave;
    O speed of the wave

    O and also how would one transmit high or low frequencies...or really, for that matter, what has to change to make wave higher or lower?
    (whats the physics concepts/theory behind artificially creating and manipulating an EM wave)

    O what components would one need to build a device like this,and have the ability to have a wide spectrum of possibilities regrding the frequency.

    Id appreciate if you shared your thoughts, Thanks!

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    Looks like homework, we aren't doing that for you.
    This might help though; Radio - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    its not homework, i was just curious
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