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    1) Your notations regarding the Inertial Reference Frame is very simple to understand and relatively precise, except a more precise definition of the Inertial Frame of Reference woud be where (d^2)X/d(t2) = g(local net value to barycenter), meaning that as long as your free-falling, free-drifting, being slingshot by Gravity, you are in a Local Inertial Frame of Reference
    2) Twin Paradox - in real life situation, there is no way for the rocket to jump in velocity through its booster, therefore the scenario does not work. The rocket has to use the nearby celestial bodies for acceleration majority of its time, so except for the booster portion (very minimal), the rocket is always in its own Inertial Reference Frame while accelerating away from Earth, along with the Earth being in Earth's own Inertial Reference Frame - therefore, symmetry cannot be broken under Special Relativity.
    3) The only time that a time contraction is being experienced and synchronized by both observer is only through the Gravitational Potential Difference - GPS satellite is moving faster in clock than the Earth observer because of the Gravitational Potential Difference - there are a lot more to add, but due to the level of the audience, i will not furtehr my discussion in this forum at this point in time.

    I feel sorry for people like Markus, just because he was defeated, he deleated my post? Shame on you Markus!

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    MODERATOR ACTION : You have already been warned to stop opening new threads on this same old topic - stick to your own discussion thread. Also - no one deleted any of your posts, they were merely merged into the same thread. Closed.


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