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    Hi all,

    Somewhat new to the forum, but I wanted to ask you all about something I've been hearing more and more about lately.

    They're called meta materials, and they seem to have interesting properties (rendering objects "invisible" et-c), but they have a stipulation;

    They're basically repeated patterns of (usually metal from what I've read) that have to be smaller than the wavelengths they're interfering with.

    One of the many questions I have are could a meta material theoretically block gamma rays, which have smaller frequencies than atoms? How could one manipulate visible light without getting a major fisheye effect? Wouldn't the required trajectories for the electromagnetic waves to bypass large objects distort the reverse image, rendering the object visible once again?

    Sorry, definitely not a scientist by any means, just a curious guy.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I can only answer part of this, but in the invisibility trick, there's a layer of metamaterials all the way around that bends the light out of the way and then straightens it out again on the other side (theoretically) leaving no distortions to see.

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