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Thread: The blunders in the modern physics

  1. #1 The blunders in the modern physics 
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    Hi Everybody,

    I am a physicist student from England. I found a site with the following title:

    Particle and atomic physics
    - instead of theories -
    according to experimental
    results and laws of the
    classical physics by
    Gabor Fekete

    This site totally refutes the theories of medern physics. Please view this site at address.

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    I had a quick look it's not a credible site, no references, bibliography etc, not signed, just another nutter.

    I think it comes under the general category of 'sloader blocks'

    THese are a type of material used for the construction of such 'papers'

    If you ever print it out, use a nice soft tissue so at least you might get some use out of it... 8)

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    I have a hard enough time understanding physics with good english, lol.

    " This the got from air invention refutes hundred milliard times it the fact that still f = 1025Hz electromagnetic waves also exist, and mass of these particles on base of the m = h×f/c2 natural law connection is hundred milliard times larger,"

    Its probably obvious that english isnt his first language but I would proabaly try to do a little better If I were trying to go against long accepted and experiment backed physics. I know language doesnt change if he's right or wrong but makes it hard to follow.
    I've always wanted to know why. Just takes me a little longer than most, lol.
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