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Thread: radio activity...old news??

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    i was wondering...will we ever discover something like radio activity but say 1000 times more powerful and dangerous. and will we ever discover new elements. or have the governments discovered new elements but because they are so combustible and dangerous and they project this new radio activity like process wich has to be be picked up with a new type of giga counter type machine. lets call it a hypolexium counter, lol, completely made up word. but this counter picks up a new energy from the new element and it is so powerful when it is combined in a process or added to something it can power a city with a square inch of the stuff being put through this new process.
    COULD THIS HAPPEN? WOULD THEY(governemtns and energy companies) LET IT HAPPEN. as the people who would be researching stuff like this would be energy companies as they have the money to do it. and would they want to see there profits go right down with this new element and process.

    It came to my mind as i was walking back from 1 town to my home town about 5 miles, i do this regularly and think of loads of stuff that could happen or things i want to invent or research. nothing gets the brain thinking like not having enough bus fare to get home so having to walk!!

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    The periodic table defines all the elements which can exist. The only "new" elements are those past uranium which are so unstable that they do not exist in nature.

    ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat
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