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Thread: Ethanol concentration in a liquid ?

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    Hi all
    I would like to know if it is possible to read the ethanol concentration in a liquid by spectrometry (but the liquid could contain other colors), and if yes, how to (on which frequencies do the ethanol absorbs light ?)
    Thank you

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    simply use a hydrometer. assuming its water. you didn't say what the fluid is

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    Ya ,specific gravity is the easiest,unless your ethenol is past of a batch of moonshine. If so shake up the jar and see how long the bubbles last . Also known as the Jim Tom method from the appalation hills.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hill Billy Holmes View Post
    the Jim Tom method from the appalation hills.
    I always thought the correct appellation for the appalation hills was Appalachian. But that's just me.
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