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Thread: What is Areal Poisson's Ratio?

  1. #1 What is Areal Poisson's Ratio? 
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    Hello. I found an interesting article about Auxetics and negative Poisson's ratio.
    I know that Poisson Ration is the ratio of transverse contraction to longitudinal extension strain in the direction of stretching force. That is v=dEy/dEx.
    But this article is always nagged me with Areal Poisson's Ratio. What is that? Where is a distinction? (Between usual
    Poisson's Ratio)
    And the second question I wanna find the derivation for Poisson's ratio of triclinic and monoclinic crystals, as Google keeps silence in it.
    Please give me any article, textbooks and so on where I can find it.
    Immense thanks in advance to you!

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    Hello again. Can anybody tell me what triclinic and monoclinic crystals have negative Poisson's ration. Please, I need in answer promtly. Please, help me.

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