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Thread: Higher learning in physics?

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    I'm in high school and currently have ambitions of being a physicist. But, I don't want to just wait until college to start learning about physics. I obtained several calculus books and taught my self a lot of calculus, but I am now trying to learn more about physics now. On the Internet, I have taught myself most of special relativity and a lot of quantum mechanics, but there's not that much introductory level physics on the Internet higher than that other than college grad level stuff. Does anyone have any advice on some books I should read or good websites to see to expand my conceptual and mathematical knowledge of things like General relativity, quantum mechanics, and particle physics? I'm not a grad student, but a have a good foundation in calculus, special relativity, and know a bit of quantum mechanics, and would like to learn higher level physics. Can someone give me some good resources?

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    Gerard t'Hooft on how to become a good theoretical physicist:

    Gerard ít Hooft, Theoretical Physics as a Challenge

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    You should bear in mind that there is more to a graduate course in Physics than relativity and quantum theory. Students also have to cope with areas such as electromagnetic theory, thermodynamics, optics, Lagrangian and Hamiltonian mechanics, and such pragmatic topics as solid state physics and electronics. There are numerous texts on each of these and it would be difficult, if not impossible, to rate them in order of depth and utility. Just reflect on the fact that there is a lot more to Physics than relativity and quantum theory.
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