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Thread: Use of CR-39 Detectors Heats up "Cold Fusion"

  1. #1 Use of CR-39 Detectors Heats up "Cold Fusion" 
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    The Navy Heats up "Cold Fusion" with Use of CR-39 Detectors in LENR Experiment:

    Extraordinary Evidence - "Cold Fusion"

    The field of low energy nuclear reactions, historically known as cold fusion, has never had simple physical evidence of the claimed nuclear processes to physically place in the hands of doubters.

    Until now.

    Scientists at the U.S. Navy’s San Diego SPAWAR Systems Center have produced something unique in the 17-year history of the scientific drama historically known as cold fusion: simple, portable, highly repeatable, unambiguous, and permanent physical evidence of nuclear events using detectors that have a long track record of reliability and acceptance among nuclear physicists.

    Using a unique experimental method called co-deposition, combined with the application of external electric and magnetic fields, and recording the results with standard nuclear-industry detectors, researchers have produced what may be the most convincing evidence yet in the pursuit of proof of low energy nuclear reactions.

    New Energy Times, issue #19
    "Extraordinary Evidence"

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