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Thread: Let me know what is the 5th dimention of this universe?

  1. #1 Let me know what is the 5th dimention of this universe? 
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    Scientist are talking about 11th dimention of hyperspace. let me know what is this hyperspace and please explian what exisit in the 5th dimention of this universe.

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    A dimension is not another place, it is another direction of movement. Just as we are familiar with three dimensions of movement, up-down, right-left, forward-back, string theory proposes that there are a total of 11 dimensions, with one dimension being temporal (time). This leave 7 additional spatial dimensions, but instead of being expanded like our familiar three (which are the size of the universe) the other dimensions are so small that they are undetectable (currently).

    Its the way nature is!
    If you dont like it, go somewhere else....
    To another universe, where the rules are simpler
    Philosophically more pleasing, more psychologically easy
    Prof Richard Feynman (1979) .....

    Das ist nicht nur nicht richtig, es ist nicht einmal falsch!"
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    I believe it was Jack Vance who wrote a short Sci Fi Story back in the late 1950's - "The Men of The Ten Books".
    They had an Interstellar Space Drive, which made use of the discovery of the "fact" that Space has Twelve ( 12 ) Dimensions.

    Basically, their Colonisation Ship got out of control, and keept going until their "fuel" ran out - putting them waaay beyond normally explorable and reachable Space.
    All they had was Ten Micro-Books written in flowery language - DESCRIBING the Wonders of Cilvilisation in a very exaggerated artistic way - the Music of the Classical and Great Composers, the Artworks and Sculpture of the Famous Atists and Sculptors, and other aspects of "Civilisation".
    In the 200 years before they were accidentally discovered, by a young couple on a long-range Prospecting Adventure - the Coloniosts built an extensive Civilisation. They tried desperately hard to "live up to" the descriptions or more accurately, the exaggerations of the wonders of Civilisation on Earth.
    They suceeded, they went so much further - theri Art and Scuplture, Music and Cuilture became much, much better than that of Earth - they built a Civilisation of Equality and Fairness, without "want" or poverty, without Crime or envy, without arguments or warfare.
    Yet all along, they were convinced that their Civilisation was still very much inferior to that of Earth - their Art, Sculptures, Music were inferior to the flowery descriptions of Art, Sculpture and Musics which had existed on Earth, their Buildings and Architecture were inferior to the flowery descriptions of the Buildings and Architecture of Earth. These ten small Books had been printed on ultra-thin plastci, and their had been no Illustrations of any kind, and no Sound Recordings.
    The continued to strive to achieve the asseumed "perfection" which had been achieved on Earth.

    Another totally different thought -
    I have almost ALWAYS believed that the Dimension of Time DOES have three Axes of Measurement - just as Linear Measure does.

    Yes - we are unavoidably always travelling in one direction in Time, at a constant rate - but perhaps more accruately, it is our CONSCIOUSNESS Of TIME which is linear and at a constant rate - the Past and the Future are always THERE, just as the places behind you and the places in front of you are THERE, except that nearly everyone cannot SEE the Past or the Future.

    Some Clairvoyants, or people with ESP Powers claim to be able to see the Past or the Future - maybe they can. I would not presume to judge on these matters.

    However - what I do believe is that if you could travel forwards or backwards in Time - your would have very great difficulty getting back to Exactly the same "place" in Time as you left.
    Sideways in Time are all the Myriad Possibilities - Probabilities you might call them. Every single action taken by every single Person has within it the possibility that they could have taken a different action - every single decision taken by every single Person has within it the possibility that they could have taken a different decsion. These alternatives are not able to be seen by the SINGLE Consciousness of the Person.
    All of these give rise to or "create" different or alternative Possibilities or Probabilities - which are part of a different "when" in time. Each is as "REAL" as any other. Some may differ in very slight or very subtle ways from another - some may be radically different.
    Whether a Man actually speaks to the Girl he likes, or someone else starts a conversation with her first - might determine whether he has a Relatiionship with her, or even whether she is the Woman he spends the rest of his life with.
    Different Children will result from a different long term Relationship.
    Some decisions may have far less effects - but even trivial decisions can have major effects. Which actual raod you wlk home by, or exactly how long you wait before setting off, whether you walk or catch the Bus - this can effect whether you happen to be walking down a dark alley when a crazed gunman decides to shoot some random person, or if you happen to be wlking past a Bank when Bank Robbers run out and ahoot you.

    There are a Myriad of these Alternative Worlds, a bit different or even radically different -
    Where Abraham Lincoln was shot, but the gunman missed, or where he was not hit fatally.
    Where the South won the Civil War.
    Where the Roman Empire continued for longer, or even to the present day.
    Where Russia DID NOT back down in The Cuban Missile Crisis - and we had Global Thermonculear War.
    Where Von Paulus managed to rescue the German 6th Army from Stalingrad - and Germany managed to settle a negotiated Peace with the Allies.
    Myriads of countless different "other whens".
    Even the actions of chance events affect alternate Possibilities, other Probabilities - such as the six Major Extinction Events ( ELEs ) on Earth, which changed the whole of the Evolution of Life on Earth. The best know is the one which caused the Extinction of the Dinosaurs - but this is just the most recent.
    Perhaps "chance" events caused the Ancestors of Humans to come down from the Trees and evolve into Hominids - perhaps "chance" events allowed Homo Sapiens Sapiens to prevail in the struggle for survival against Hom Sapiens Neanderthalis.

    So - if you go forwards or backwards in time - how do you control your "sideways drift". You may end up in a different Past, or a different Future from the one which is related to THIS "now". Worse - when you come back, if you cannot control your "sideways drift", you may find yourselves in a DIFFERENT "Now".
    Slightly different - say, your Parents were different and your Wife is someone else - or Very Different, your Home City was never built, or your Home Country was Nuked and is now a Barbarian Society.
    If I wasn't so stupid - I might know what I was doing
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    Quote Originally Posted by Karakris View Post
    I have almost ALWAYS believed that the Dimension of Time DOES have three Axes of Measurement - just as Linear Measure does.
    No, just the one.

    Some Clairvoyants, or people with ESP Powers claim to be able to see the Past or the Future - maybe they can. I would not presume to judge on these matters.
    They are either deluded or lying. (Or possibly both.)
    ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat
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