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Thread: Multi slits Experiment

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    Suppose I am in a car on a straight road that is next to a long black wall 10 ft. high that has uniform vertical slits.
    If stationary.. I can only see a thin line of the view of the what is on the other side of the wall ... but if i drive fast
    straight and look at the wall direction..should I see the full view? I'm curious if there is a double slit effect involve.

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    Only if the slits were very close together and there was a high-quality laser behind the wall could you see any double-slit effects. The effects would be visible only over a very short distance. Double-slit interference effects require waves that are coherent over a distance larger than that between the slits, and coherent waves are not easy to generate.

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    There's a problem here with the theory, if you drive fast, you will likely be pulled over and given a speeding ticket.
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