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Thread: Direct conversion of heat to electricity

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    Hello, I was reading about a new material developed by the University of Minnesota: New energy technology based on the direct conversion of heat to electricity using multiferroic alloys | Institue on the Environment | University of Minnesota

    "This new allow has a phase change, but not like melting or boiling. When the temperature hits a certain point, it becomes a strong magnet, then when the temperature drops, it stops being a magnet.
    At 125C the magnetization is 10 emu/cm3. But at just less than 150C the magnetization is 1200 emu/cm3. This massive change can be used to induce electricity in a coil of copper wire. The sample used in the experiments resulted in a change from 0.6 mV to -0.6mV"

    So is this a big deal? Should we be investing in this technology? Could we cover our deserts in clear plastic, with grids of this alloy under it?

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    It would be great if practically possible

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    If the material is practical...I could see several good uses for it. Like in the making of regenative brakes for electric and hybrid cars.
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    I didn't see where anybody actually generated any electricity from it yet, so it's probably too early to get excited about.
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