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Thread: Pure energy ?

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    The term 'energy' is a vague one as there are various forms of energy. Each type of energy seems to be carrying out a particular function if I may call it so. Is there or could be some kind of 'pure energy' ? One which has no particular function (to relate it to my argument). A type of energy which is pure in the sense that it has not yet changed into any kind of particular energy yet ? I willingly accept any factual scientific corrections to any scientific mistakes I have just done.

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    Your question is very vague. Do you consider photons "pure energy"?

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    Energy isn't a thing. It's an emergent property of physical systems.
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    Its the way nature is!
    If you dont like it, go somewhere else....
    To another universe, where the rules are simpler
    Philosophically more pleasing, more psychologically easy
    Prof Richard Feynman (1979) .....

    Das ist nicht nur nicht richtig, es ist nicht einmal falsch!"
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