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Thread: Can stars orbiting the galactic center have planetary systems?

  1. #1 Can stars orbiting the galactic center have planetary systems? 
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    Imagine a star orbiting very closely to the super-massive black hole at the galactic center, would it be able to sustain a planetary system around itself? Or would the black hole's gravity cause any celestial bodies to be sling-shotted outside of the stars gravitational field?

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    You need to be more specific on what you mean by "closely."

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    By using the Hill sphere equation, I estimate that a star with the mass of the Sun could hold on to a planetary system with an outer planet at the distance of Jupiter while the star orbits the black hole at a distance of 0.36 light years. This makes the Hill sphere radius twice that of the orbit of the outer planet, which insures stability.

    At that distance, it would take 1686 yrs to orbit the black hole.
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