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    During my adventures of wandering around this forum, I have heard the phrase "quantum entanglement" said various times, and likewise have heard various explanations to it. It makes me very hazy on the matter of what it is and I would greatly appreciate anyone willing to explain quantum entanglement to me, thank you.

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    Quantum entanglement means that two or more quantum particles interact in a certain way, and then get separated afterwards, while maintaining some form of correlation. What happens is that, despite being spatially separated, they still act as systems and their quantum states remain correlated to each other. Take as a simple example two electrons - let our electrons interact first in an appropriate way, and then separate them. What you will find is that, if you measure for example the spin state of one of the electrons, the state of the other electron is automatically determined, even over large distances. So for example if you measure one electron to have a spin of +1/2, the other one will always have spin -1/2 due to the exclusion principle, no matter how far away it is, because they are entangled.

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    Most important, entanglement comes forward out of the indistinguishability of certain particles. If I cannot distinguis between the two, and the overal configuration allows different set-ups. (one excited, one de-excited) then, entanglement follows, because we cannot differentiate between the two.
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