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Thread: Can Magnets Increase Energy Efficiency?

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    I've been experimenting with magnets - neodymium magnets to be exact. What i've noticed is it seems to take less force to push or pull something when I use magnets in conjunction with my own physical force. For example, if I was to put a box on wheels, and push it with just my own force, it would take more force then if I was to attach a magnet to the box, and then push the box by holding a magnet and pushing it against the magnet attached to the box.

    I did experiment with magnets of different sizes and strengths, although not at length. It may be true if you push against a weaker magnet with a stronger, the force required is less than if the magnets are of equal strength, or if you use a weaker magnet to push against a stronger.

    Unfortunately, I have not used an actual force gauge, and so have only gotten as far as what I can determine by simply feeling it. But, if using magnets in this way does in fact cause less force to be used, would this not increase energy efficiency?

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    I suspect it is no more than a perception due to the way the force is applied. In fact I'd go so far as to to say it is only an illusion.

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