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Thread: Any alternative to diffusivity equation? for Pressure (Transient) Analysis (Application in Oil & Gas Industry)

  1. #1 Any alternative to diffusivity equation? for Pressure (Transient) Analysis (Application in Oil & Gas Industry) 
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    Hi all,

    Dear Scientist,

    I've a dream in becoming a scientist during my childhood, however I end up being an engineer....
    btw, I've never stop losing my interest in science things... even today

    I've a question regarding "diffusivity" equation

    Current application in oil & gas industry, during well testing, we let the well produce and let the pressure decline.
    Using diffusivity equation, we kind of able to analysis/investigate the reservoir characteristic (permeability to flow, volume of the hydrocarbon reservoir, sand connectivity within reservoir)
    You can google around to get the in depth information on the application for pressure transient analysis in oil&gas industry.
    I found it kind of lack of accuracy (and sometimes it is very difficult to justify your finding).
    Usually what happen is everybody will have their own interpretation (your conclusion often/all the time were based on integration with other geological knowledge)

    I'm curious to know if there's any alternative/theory that more less could be developed in the future other than diffusivity
    If there exist~

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    don't know. It is classical physics, don't know if that has any recent development. If any, it will be little.

    In the information age ignorance is a choice.
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