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    E.A. Milne is described in Wikipeda thus:

    "Milne was born in Hull, Yorkshire, England. He attended Hymers College and from there he won an open scholarship in mathematics and natural science to study at Trinity College, Cambridge in 1914, gaining the largest number of marks which had ever been awarded in the examination."

    The relevance to some threads on this board is that Milne put forward a very simple explanation of why an assembly of moving bodies (stars or galaxies, or molecules in a gas) would inevitably be seen as part of an expanding system. And I do mean very simple.

    His suggestion can best be illustrated by first considering two bodies which are moving towards each other, but not so that they will collide. At some point, they will reach a point of smallest separation, but after that, they will recede from each other forever. The same could be said of any number of moving bodies which don't collide. Eventually, they will be found to be receding from each other and the most distant will be those which are moving most quickly (as Hubble noticed).

    This scenario contains no indication of where the moving bodies came from to begin with, so it is deficient in that respect, but it does appear to imply that if galaxies are moving at all, they will eventually and inevitably be seen as moving apart.

    For the benefit of any who might stumble upon this, please expose the naivety of this suggestion. Milne's ideas were controversial so shooting him down would be a safe, conservative approach. This is not an attempt to sell Milne's ideas, but an opportunity to refute them.

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