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    My name is Mattias, and at work we ended up with a weird question, i'm not good at physics myself and only have a very basic understanding of both physics and math and i have no idea how to calculate or figure out something like this.

    Question is.

    if you have a 1mm thick square meter diamond wall. And an ordinary steel hammer, could you ever break the diamond wall with the hammer? or would the hammer have no effect on the tougher diamond no matter how much you go at it?.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Diamond is hard but not very strong. If you hit a diamond window, it will probably shatter: Material properties of diamond - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Thanks alot for the link and the answer.
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    When we went to Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas...a place where you can dig for your own diamonds...the ranger told us about a guy who found what he thought was decent sized diamond, but wasn't sure his buddy hit it with a hammer and it shattered. His buddy said..see it wasn't a diamond! It actually was. Doh!
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