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Thread: Why is dark matter so lame? Or is it that lame?

  1. #1 Why is dark matter so lame? Or is it that lame? 
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    Dark matter...the stuff that is probably the main ingredient of the universe and keeps together our galaxies...and maybe doing other stuff we dont know is fascinating isn't it?
    But if I compare it with our kind of seems to be kind of lame.
    So I have a few better understand the nature of that mysterious stuff.

    My first question: How does dark-matter "look" like...or a bit more scientifically would a model of dark matter look like
    I it a bunch of tiny more or less unorganized particles floating in the void? A plasma or liquid layer looking like milk in weightlessness? A ground layer for all other things? Something like radiation or waves of ehm....stuff.
    So if we are the the painting it is like paper, is it the glue we are the confetti? second question: IF dark matter is older (or at least not younger) than our kind of matter...shouldn't it be more organized than us
    I mean...we see a trend in our universe that matter plus energy finds knew ways of building systems. If I don't get the big bang theory totally wrong...we went from a singularity to a fascinating variety of, quarks, atoms, elements, black wholes, galaxies, lifeforms, things created by lifeforms...all based on our matter. Shouldn't there (theoretically) be dark matter-systems that are more or at least as complex as ours?
    Or ARE we the complex, evolved form of dark matter?
    Or are we the only kind of matter that tends to evolve?
    Or is the dark matter the motor of our cosmic evolution?
    Or is dark matter just...ehm...lazy?

    And my third question...IF dark matter is able to built complex forms as well (maybe we are simply not able to trace them) is it plausible or at least possible that there is some kind of life-like system based on ONLY dark matter

    And my last question...IF there was dark matter based life...or other complexe systems...would it be possible for them to interact with us, or better to say, would there action interfere with ours
    I know that dark matter is not believed to be the interactive type...but if it is able to keep our galaxies together I guess there must be at least SOME kind of interaction.

    I know...since we know so little about dark matter it is a bit early to ask those questions...but I think it is never to early for a nice hypothesis.
    Looking forward to yours.

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    well, my limited understanding of DM is that it doesn't seem to interact electromagnetically with other particles, or if it does it is only a weak interaction. if this is the case then you wont get atoms or molecules forming. WIMP candidates for DM only interact via the weak force and gravity so no atoms or molecules. MACHOs have basically been rules out as a large contributor to DM i believe.

    Sometimes it is better not knowing than having an answer that may be wrong.
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    Dark Matter, and the even stranger Dark Energy, hasn’t been modeled yet. The only thing known about them is they affect and are affected by the weakest of our known forces - gravity. But, perhaps by some integrating principle we have yet to understand or even theorize, we will develop a model for gravity. We also have very little understanding, if any, of the strongest force we theorize exists – the strong nuclear force. What we do know is the other known forces seem to have little, if any, effect on gravity.

    On the other hand we grok the weak nuclear force as well and the electromagnetic forces. We have developed models, and make predictions which we can test that support, or cause us to adjust, our models of these two forces. Perhaps they have even found the so-called god particle? If so then we will be able to relate the weak nuclear force to the electromagnetic forces. But this won’t shed any, excuse the pun, light on the OPs question because it has no explanation of Dark Matter, Dark Energy or gravity.

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