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    I need to calculate the pressure in a pipe with different diameters. Supposedly I need to use Bernoulli's equasion but for that I need acurate information of at least one more point, which I don't. The readings have already been determined experimentally, I now need to confirm them. Entering experimentally measured data gives me completely rubbish results.

    It's a common test setup: E-F1-15. It's a convergant-divergant pipe.

    Medium is water, density is 1000, Flow is 0.009m^3/min, diameter of the pipe is 0.025m, flowspeed is 18.37m/s. The pipe is horizontal. Can anyone help me determinig the pressure at that point? What formula do I need? Actual measurements give me 0.23*10^5 Pa (0.23 bar) of pressure (relative)


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    pressure is .23 bar--why calculate- you have a real world value.

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