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Thread: What is convection and radiation? (Quick Check Up)

  1. #1 What is convection and radiation? (Quick Check Up) 
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    Hey guys quick task, please correct me if I am wrong:

    - convection is when heat travels through a liquid
    - Radiation is when heat is transferred through gasses


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    No, no, no.

    I don't know what text you're working from but you'd better get the basics straight. Convection - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I'm not so sure that the wiki page on radiation is suitable for beginners. looks to be a good introduction.

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    Adelady's links are good. Here is a very simple summary.

    Convection transfers heat by the mass movement of particles, so it works in gases and liguids (i.e. fluids).
    Conduction transfers heat by communicating thermal movement between adjacent particles. It dominates in solids.
    Radiation transfers heat by electromagnetic radiation from hot particles. It will occur through any transparent medium.
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