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Thread: Flatness Problem: To call a spade a spade.

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    Flatness Problem: To call a spade a spade.=.
    There are many different spaces: 2 dimension space, 3D space,
    4D, 5D . . . .. .10D, 11D . . . . maybe more.
    There are also ‘ closed’ and ‘open’ spaces.
    There are many topological spaces too.
    Which space has the Universe as a whole?
    It is fact: the Universe as a whole has exactly the
    required density of matter to be flat.
    The average density of matter in the universe (even
    incorporating a dark mass and dark energy ) is equal to
    or less than critical density and therefore the universe
    as a whole is a flat infinite continuum.
    But the physicists refuse to admit this fact .
    Why ?
    Because they don’t know that to do with ‘ a flat infinite
    continuum’. And they ‘ burned ‘ the real infinite flat
    cosmological continuum ( using different abstract models )
    to rid it of its infinite flatness.
    And from Einstein’s time they discus about cosmological
    constant that will close the flat- open Universe
    into a close- sphere.
    The Universe as a whole is an Infinite Flat Universe.
    Only in some rare places the Infinite Flatness is breaked.
    So, instead to say : ‘ It is fact: the Universe as a whole is flat,
    they say: ‘To take the Universe as an infinite flat space - it is
    impossible fact. There’s something wrong with the Universe. ‘
    === =..

    ' But I don't want to go among mad people,' said Alice.
    'Oh, you can't help that,' said the cat. 'We're all mad here.'
    / Lewis Carroll.
    Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. /
    How is possible to understand the Flatness ?
    How is possible to understand the Infinite Flat Universe ?
    What is possible to say about a cold Kelvin space T=0K ?
    Flatness is a Vacuum.
    Vacuum is an Empty space between billions and billions Galaxies.
    Now (!) the physicists think (!) that the Universe as whole has
    temperature: T= 2,7K . The parameter T=2,7K is not constant.
    It is temporal and goes down. In the future it will come to T= 0K.
    In my opinion this cold Kelvin space T=0K has old physical -
    classical model so-called ‘ model of an Ideal Gas’.
    Now we think that model of ‘ Ideal Gas is an abstraction’,
    but this abstraction suit very well to another ‘ abstraction ‘,
    to ‘a cold zero Kelvin space.’
    These two models have negative temperature, and
    in these two models there are ‘abstract ideal – virtual particles’.
    And to have real model is needed something to change in these
    abstraction models .. . .. and this change can be only quantum.
    Now, let us put an elemenrary particles in the cold Kelvin space:
    T = 2,7K ---> 0K. Which geometrical form they can have ?
    The answer is: ‘ They must be flat particles.’
    Because according to Charle’s law and the consequence of the
    third law of thermodynamics as the thermodynamic temperature
    of a system approaches absolute zero the volume of particles
    approaches zero too. It means the particles must have flat forms.
    They must have geometrical form of a circle: pi= c /d =3,14 . . . .
    All formulas, equations and laws of ‘ an Ideal Gas’
    is possible to use to the Infinire Vacuum T=0K.

    Book ‘ Parallel Worlds’ by Michio Kaku.
    ‘ According to the picture emerging from the WMAP satellite,
    a mysterious antigravity force is accelerating the expansion
    of the universe. If it continued for billions or trillions of years,
    the universe will inevitably reach a big freeze . . . .’
    / page 288 /
    In 1854, . . . . Helmholtz realized that the laws of
    thermodynamics could be applied to the universe as a whole,
    meaning that everything around us, including the stars and
    galaxies, would eventually have to run down.’
    / page 289 /
    There isn’t thermodynamics without the ‘ Ideal gas’.
    There isn’t thermodynamics of cosmos without the ‘ Ideal gas’.
    All the best.
    Israel Sadovnik Socratus.

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    If there is a point here then your prose style and horrible type setting has done a wonderful job at hiding it.

    As is often the case with technical subjects we are presented with an unfortunate choice: an explanation that is accurate but incomprehensible, or comprehensible but wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by river_rat View Post
    If there is a point here then your prose style and horrible type setting has done a wonderful job at hiding it.
    As he rarely engages in any discussion after posting this bilge, and never meaningfully, I wouldn't worry about it.
    ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat
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