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Thread: Crookes Radiometer at Home Depot

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    I've never been a particularly star student when it comes to science, but I do have a curiosity as to what makes things work. So, this is bugging me. I was at Home Depot yesterday and there by the door were two young ladies performing a demonstration for some "breakthrough" in window tinting technology (finally, I've been waiting for years). I didn't stop and talk to them, but I'm pretty sure I got how the demonstration went: a heat-lamp was shined on a Crookes Radiometer which spun like crazy. Then, they put the tinting between the lamp and radiometer to show the dramatic effect it had on slowing the spin.
    Now, I always thought Crookes Radiometers were neat, but I'm not sure this demonstration really proves the effectiveness of the tinting. Even if it does, wouldn't a digital thermometer and perhaps some sort of EM meter be a much better indication? I know that would be less visually striking, though. I know Crookes Radiometers spin in relation to the EM radiation they are receiving, but does this truly prove anything about their tinting in comparison with others?

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    I ended up at Home Depot again on Saturday. It was a 3M display. Can anyone clarify this for me?

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    Obviously, if they are only testing one brand, it would not tell you anything about another brand's performance. The heat lamp is radiating mostly in the infrared range, and plain untinted glass will block infrared pretty well. So, I don't think the display is telling you anything useful about the tint.
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