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    I read an article about wind turbines in which the writer explains, pretty shallowly, about the potential of wind energy.
    The thing is, that it mentioned the reason to the existance of maximun wind speed in which the turbines can produce power, for its claim: becouse the electical generator will spin too quickly and might be damaged.

    Now what I cant understand is how the can generator be damaged by too high spinning speed. I mean, how is it actually happanes, it's only magnets after all doesnt it? what's wrong with high speeds?

    and in addition, the big generators based on fuel can spin quickly enough to supply power for dosen of cities, what's the different?

    thanks, me.

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    Yes they can be damaged if they spin too fast - there is a rating, my guess is that they can overheat, the rectifier maximum voltage could be exceeded. but it's way past my bedtime so a more fuller explanation if you PM me. there is also the sheer force of wind against the blades, at the point where the output current is so high it starts to stall the blades.

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