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Thread: Modern Tests of Relativity

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    There seems to be an abundance of anti-relativity threads on this ( and all other ) science forums, so I thought it is about time to start a thread in support of relativity !
    For this purpose I would like to present some modern day empirical tests of relativity - while everyone knows about the likes of Michelson-Morley etc ( being the classical tests ), there are many more modern empirical tests which are not as widely known. Here's a small sample :

    Tests of Special Relativity & Relativity Principle

    Cryogenic Optical Resonators :
    Non-Stationary Optical Cavities :
    Lorentz Invariance : Special relativity passes key test -
    Time Dilation in Satellites : http://www.quantum.physik.uni-mainz...._861(2007).pdf
    Length Contraction in Heavy Ion Colliders :
    Relativistic Lorentz Force Tests : The effects of the Aharonov-Bohm type as tests of the relativistic interpretation of electrodynamics
    Anisotropy of Inertial Mass Tests : An Error Occurred Setting Your User Cookie
    Time dilation in mu-mesons : Measurement of the Relativistic Time Dilation Using
    Length contraction in free electron Lasers : What is SR, how is it generated and what are its properties?
    Length contraction in Penrose-Terrell Rotations : Can You See the Lorentz-Fitzgerald Contraction?
    Penning Traps : Antimatter tests of Lorentz violation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Tests of General Relativity

    Universality of Gravitational Red Shift :
    Gravitational Potential at Short Distances :
    Tests of Lorentz Invariance :
    Gravitational Red Shift / Pound-Rebka :
    Light Deflection within the Solar System/Shapiro Delay : [astro-ph/0302294] The Measurement of the Light Deflection from Jupiter: Experimental Results
    Lunar Laser Ranging to test Nordvedt Effect : Phys. Rev. 169, 1017 (1968): Equivalence Principle for Massive Bodies. II. Theory
    Hafele-Keating Experiment for Time Dilation : Around-the-World Atomic Clocks: Predicted Relativistic Time Gains
    Thirring-Lense Effect :
    Geodetic Effect : Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 221101 (2011): Gravity Probe B: Final Results of a Space Experiment to Test General Relativity
    Orbital Decay through Gravitational Waves in Binary Pulsar System PSR J-0737-3039 : Tests of General Relativity from Timing the Double Pulsar

    Latest Results

    Confirmation of "Maeder Effect" :
    Pulsar in Relativistic Binary :
    Gravity Probe B :

    Needless to say all of these tests confirmed the predictions of the theory of relativity to varying, but very high degrees. No violations of any laws of relativity have ever been observed in empirical experiments, to the best of my knowledge, and more tests and experiments continue to be scheduled for the near future.
    Also, one must consider quantum electrodynamics ( QED ), which is built on relativity from the ground up - again, needless to say that all QED effects are in perfect agreement with experiment. In fact, a large part of modern day electronics and technology is directly based on QED, and would not be functioning without it being correct !
    Relativity works !!!

    A discussion thread for this sticky can be found here :

    SPLIT : Discussion of Relativity Tests Sticky

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