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    Is Planck Time a theoretical limit, or a real one? Is it a limit because practically there is "nothing smaller to measure", so might as well call it a limit for convenience? Or is it a real limit? If so, does that mean that everything moves in "jitters" of Planck Length? Like a pixel on a screen appears to move smoothly but is actually jumping around from pixel to pixel if you zoom in.

    By the way, ducks are the best. I mean the birds that go "quack", not some sports team or movie. Who agrees with this, please?

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    I agree with the Ducks bit pyoko. But, really, is a duck a bird in the true sense? Were you making a play on words here pyoko? Quacks? Quarks? Planck Time is the time between two Quarks. westwind.

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    A good and valid question.
    I don't think we have a definite answer to this one yet.
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    Any current practical measurement equipment we have or could even propose to build at this time is so far away from measuring the Planck Length (/Planck Time/Planck Energy etc etc etc) that we're definitely not close to answering that question experimentally. I'm not a theorist so couldn't comment on how this problem is regarded in String theory etc.Dan
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