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Thread: Suspended magnet with a small plastic model?

  1. #1 Suspended magnet with a small plastic model? 
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    Hello, I play Warhammer, a game that involves building plastic models and using them on a gaming board. I've been investigating the possibility of suspending a very small plastic model in the air by way of magnets, please tell me if you think my plan is possible;

    I would use rare earth magnets (or something better you could suggest) on a round plastic base, then attach a single magnet to a very small plastic model, about the size of a quarter (but cubic, not flat like a coin). I would glue a fine thread, like a fishing line to the middle of the base, and the plastic model. The line would be short enough that should the model fall, it couldn't touch the ground, only the base.

    Do you believe this could work? It does not need to remain stationary, it just needs to stay airborne, if it's moving around on the string it only adds to the effect.

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    You could probably better make the base magnet an electrical one. And maybe postion multiple small magents in the base of the puppet. This means a very wide coil on the base with a strong current. maybe if you include a smaller coil in the middle you might be able to create a magentical minimun so that it flats on itself. You could even make the coil move beneath the table so that the puppet moves and the power to make it levitate higher or lower. If you are able to smartly calculate it you could make it levitate without any strings using ball magnets. It might require a lot of power though.

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