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    why does horizontal projectile neglects height of a person. for example, a person drops a ball from a tower of height 'h'. then,

    the formulae for its time of flight(T) is square root of (2h/g), where g is 9.8 metre/sec*sec
    why, the height of person throwing ball is neglected. why?

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    dont understand your question. Are you meaning a neglitate height of drop?
    it has to do then with the fact that the gravitational acceleration drops with height. and since its so small it almsot makes to effect

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    The assumption is that the height given for the tower is the height from which the individual drops the ball. For example, the tower may be fifty six feet high. The individual may be six feet high. She holds her arm out horizontally so that the ball is four feet above the top of the tower. In the problem the height of the tower will be given as sixty feet (56+4).
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