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Thread: need help with heat

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    hey all i join this site just to ask this one question, i have 3 materials to choose from as a heat retainer, there: carbon fiber, stainless steel and plastic, i not know of what grade stainless nor plastic that is going to be use.the product will be containing cold air passing with in and the heat will be surrounding the out side. the product is for a ls2 chevy engine.if that helps to answer the question.

    long story shot, i m here asking which of the 3 materials will be the best use for a cold air induction

    cheers richard

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    You want a heat retaining material for cold air passage? Welcome to Science Forum richie401. And we may be able to provide information if you have any other questions. Please tell me again, define exactly what is the requirement, and what is the end result you are looking to achieve.? westwind.

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    When you say heat retainer, do you mean something that will act as an insulator, or do you mean something with thermal mass? Stainless steel would have a considerable thermal mass, but is not a very good insulator. The plastic would probably melt inside an automobile engine.
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