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Thread: Is earth's core an electric turbine for a perspective?

  1. #1 Is earth's core an electric turbine for a perspective? 
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    Isnt a hydroelectric turbine something that rotates in a magnetic field and generates electricity?

    Isnt the earth rotating in its own magnetic field and is there a way to harness the gigantic energy of the earth rotating through a magnetic field or something?

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    No, the earth's magnetic field is too weak to harvest significant energy from, unless you can build 100 km structures.. which would cost more to build than they would yield in power.

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    The earth's magnetic field is generally well approximated by a magnetic dipole with its axis near the rotational axis. The magnetic field we see is pretty much constant and in the same direction. This is shown by the fact that a compass needle points steadily in the same direction.

    In order to generate electricity, you have to have the flux through a coil of wire changing with time.
    Electromagnetic induction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    A generator accomplishes this by either rotating a coil of wire through the magnetic field, or rotating the magnet so that the north and south pole are alternately aligned to the coil's axis. A fixed magnetic field won't do it.

    In theory you could make a generator by turning a coil of wire through the earths magnetic field. However, you would have to supply the power to rotate the coil of wire, and the magnetic field is so weak you would hardly get anything out of it.
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