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Thread: I need help plasma physics problem

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    A cylindrical plasma column of radius a contains a coaxial magnetic field B=Bo z and has a pressure profile
    p=po cos^2(pi*r/2a.

    calculate the maximum value of po
    using this value of p[o calculate the diamagnetic current j(r) and the total field B(r).
    if the cylinder is bent into a torus with the lines of force closing upon themselves after a single turn this equilibrium in which the macroscopib forces are everywhere balanced is obviously disturbed. Is it possible to redistribute the pressure p(r,theta) in such a way that the equilibrium is restored

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    Have you attempted to solve this excercise yourself ? If so, how, and what was the outcome.

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    to calculate the max value of P we can take first derivative and put it equal to zero or taking second derivative and if we an answer with - sign that will be maximum value of p but I couldnt understand how can i take the maximum value of po which represents the maximum valuew of p I need help to understand how can we find max value of po. in second part we can use MHD equation to get current densityfirst abd then we can calculate the magnetic field
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