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Thread: Wind Power: A source of Energy

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    Jamal’s science teacher asked students to research a type of renewable energy and then writes something about their findings for class. Jamal wrote about wind power.
    Some scientists think wind power as a renewable energy source. Renewable energy is a resource that can be created faster than it is consumed.
    Using wind power is not a new idea. Sailboats have used wind power for thousands of years. Another example of wind power is the windmill. Windmills use blades to catch the wind like a sailboat uses its sails. As the wind turns the blades, power is generated. Windmills use this power to get water from lakes or rivers.
    Today, wind turbines make electrical power for mountains. Wind turbines are made after the windmill, but wind turbines are made of strong, durable materials that won’t wear out over time. To get large amounts of power, hundreds of wind turbines are placed in one location called a wind farm.
    In Texas, some landowners in windy areas build their own wind systems or lease their land to wind companies. These landowners have a new source of income, and this industry has created many new jobs. In fact, the state of Texas is one of the largest wind-energy producers in the country.

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    OK, is there a discussion point in there somewhere?

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    NO! Usless BS like most of the posts here
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